Bamboo Control and Eradication


We receive a number of calls each month about bamboo issues. It is a great screen as it is tall and spreads fast. While it seemed like a good idea it can quickly get out of control and create problems. This grass grows in two forms clump and spreading.
The spreading bamboo is the most problematic due to the new shoots that come up in our lawns and beds. It is a common misconception that these shoots come from seeds. New shoots that you see are actually sprouting from the spreading roots. They are most commonly visible in the spring.
Considering installing Bamboo? With proper planning and professional assistance you can enjoy the benefits of bamboo without the problems. The ideal method to installation of bamboo is to install a 60 mil thick, 24″ deep plastic bamboo barrier with 2″ exposed above the soil where you wish the bamboo to grow. The barrier will ensure that the roots stay inside desired area. Maintenance is required and cutting of any roots that try to jump over the exposed barrier.
If you already have out of control bamboo you can use several methods to keep the bamboo in check. One possible control is to cut the exposed roots that are moving away from the existing bamboo. Once a root is cut it will not grow beyond that point but will branch out behind the cut, so you must be diligent in cutting the roots. You can also control new shoots that are just sprouting by stepping on or kicking over the shoot while it is still tender. If the new shoots are over 3 feet tall, you can treat with Round up to burn the stalk back.
If you can no longer stand the bamboo, we can assist to eradicate it. This is very difficult because of its aggressive nature. Cutting all of the bamboo down will only provide temporary relief. The stalks and roots must be completely removed manually or with machinery. It is impossible to remove every root initially; you must continue over several months to watch for and remove roots and new shoots. Additionally, you cannot kill the bamboo by only treating it with herbicides, as they are not yet a proven method of treating bamboo.
Green Spaces Landscaping stands ready to assist with your bamboo issues. Please contact us if we can assist you with your bamboo needs.