Special Projects & Services

Using select crews that have special training and experience

Beyond the standard landscape services that Green Spaces offers in the Seattle area, we have select crews that have special training and experience. The project services below if not done properly have a high likleyhood of failure. Please put your trust in Green Spaces, we have years of experience providing positive and effective results. Contact us for your special outdoor projects in the Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond and Sammamish areas.

Bamboo Control and Eradication
Bamboo is a great privacy screen but can become invasive. If your neighbor has installed bamboo it is likely that you have it to. Spreading bamboo can create issues between next door neighbors.

Bamboo can damage foundations, driveways, lawns, and other hardscapes. If you are tired of cutting back the bamboo several times each year, we can help.

Our project manager and crews have a strick step by step process to control and/or eradicate bamboo. Unlike other companies we will warranty our work to give you the piece of mind.

Please contact our design team to discuss your bamboo situation in the Seattle area.

Pool Demolishing and Filling
Do you have a pool that is a nuisance or a saftey issue. Many new or existing homeowners find that a pool can be a maintenance headache or down right dangerous. With children and grandchildren enjoying the outdoors, a pool can keep you worrying.

Our professional crews have years of expeince in filling in pools. There is a right way and a wrong way to fill in a pool with permenant results. We have lost projects to lower bidders only to have the customer come to us several months later. We are called in to correct mistakes made by others. With out a proper demolition, fill, and compaction plan you will have a sink hole months later. Trust Green Spaces for your Seattle area pool construction, demolishing and filling projects.

Rainwater Harvesting
Tired of spending money on watering your landscape or unsightly rain barrels. We are well trained in above and below ground rain watering harvesting. We can also capture gray water from your house that can be used to safely irrigate your plants and lawn.

We can custom tailor solituion to meet your site and investment needs. These systems are long lasting and can come with up to a ten year warranrty.