The 5 Step Design Process

Enjoy your new, beautiful and enduring landscape

Step One: Get Aquanted

Once you contact us via this website or a phone call, we will ask you guided questions to better acquaint ourselves with your landscape desires and needs. Questions will range from planned uses for your outdoor space, special design requests, budget, and timeline. Your answers will assist us in accommodating your wishes.

Step Two: Meet Your Landscape Designer

One of our landscape designers will contact you for a free design consultation. During the initial meeting, the designer will listen to your desires and needs, and offer suggestions and feedback.

Step Three: The Design, Proposal & Contract

If you are interested, our designer will offer you a written proposal, which will include an outline of the scope of work and will list any fees associated with materials and labor. In addition, if the work requires a detailed design, the fees for the design will be included in the proposal.

Step Four: Project Implementation

One or more of our professional divisions will visit your home during project implementation. Your landscape designer works closely with you, along with a job foremen, and our operations and procurement manager to ensure we address and meet all aspects of the contract and design. We intend to complete your new, beautiful and enduring landscape in a timely manner, so that you can enjoy it for years to come.