Water Features

The art of introducing water into garden and landscape design

The art of introducing water into garden design has been continually refined for centuries. From modern reflection pools to natural meandering streams, the movement of water can be symbolic, thought provoking, and inviting. Our creative landscape designers can bring the element of water into your outdoor space with the addition of fantastic fountains and water features. For installation of ponds, waterfalls and fountains in the Seattle and surrounding areas – contact our expert landscape design team. We have experience with residential and commercial water features in the Bellevue, Bothell, Kirkland, Medina, Redmond, Sammamish, Mercer Island and Kenmore areas. Learn more about various water feature options below – and think about adding a beautiful and relaxing element to your outdoor space today!

Ready to design a water feature for your space?

If you’re considering a water feature or fountain for your Seattle, East Side, or Snohomish area home, there are several components to look into. It’s important to consider style and function, but also think about maintenance. Self-contained fountains are fairly low maintenance whereas ponds and pools tend to require more maintenance and up keep. For a pond, water feature, rainwater harvesting system or fountain at you home, contact Green Spaces today.


At Green Spaces Landscaping, we design custom fountains that can add an artistic element to your landscape or serve as a focal point in a garden, patio design, or swimming pool area. Our creative landscape team is skilled in building stylistic, artistic water features, and designing fountains in a way that accentuates the soothing sounds of flowing water. We’ll transform your backyard into an outdoor retreat with our gorgeous fountains! Some different types of fountains we design and install include: Stand-alone fountains. A benefit to installing stand-alone fountains is that they can be placed wherever you’d like, whether it be within your deck plan, patio design, or outdoor kitchen area. A bubbling urn, for instance, is a great choice in terms of aesthetics and is also relatively low maintenance. Fountains for the pool. Our landscape designers can add fountains or laminar jets to your custom pool design, creating a visually pleasing element in your swimming pool area. Wall fountains. Wall fountains are a great choice for incorporating water into your landscape design, especially if you live in an urban setting with limited space.

Ponds and Waterfalls

Installing a water feature in your landscape is a great way to introduce the sound of water into your space and create a calming atmosphere. At Green Spaces Landscaping, we offer a variety of unique water features that can be displayed as subtle works of art or stunning focal features. Sheer descent water feature. A sheer descent waterfall is a gorgeous addition to any swimming pool design. The water’s steady flow is one way to create a soothing environment in your backyard. In fact, one of our award winning landscape designs, the Lloyds Lane front yard project, received recognition in part because of the 8 inch sheer descent waterfall we installed, which can be viewed from the house. Ponds. At Green Spaces Landscaping, we install all sorts of ponds, including koi ponds, which feature beautiful koi fish swimming through the pond and add a unique naturalistic water element to your property. If you desire a different type of pond, our landscape designers can also build other variations of a naturalistic pond.