Combat the cold with an outdoor fireplace in Bellevue

19 Feb 2024 | Green Spaces Landscaping | ,

Living on the East side and want to go outdoors? With cooler temperatures around the corner we will soon be returning to the outdoors to enjoy our outdoor living environment. Many people have outdoor living spaces that may be a deck, patio, porch, or a gazebo. The best part of enjoying the outdoors is having friends and family around to partake in activities and lively discussions. Many are deterred from venturing outside by cold weather and annoying pests. There are many options to enhance our outdoor living spaces such as landscape lighting, shade structures, seating walls, and outdoor fireplaces. To combat cold temperatures and biting insects you may install an outdoor fireplace that will warm and protect you and your family while you gather around the warmth of a glowing fire.

The options for outdoor fires are numerous, but Green Spaces Landscaping has many years of experience building fire pits, fire rings, fire places with chimneys. Our experience stone masonry crews can build any fire place that you may desire with a wide range of material options. We can provide both natural and manufactured stone to build a fireplace. You have the option of a wood or gas burning fireplace. Gas is cleaner, no mess, and easier to start. Whereas wood has a great smell, prevents pests, and provides a little charm to your patio. Please contact one of our professional designers so we may design a fireplace that will suit your outdoor living needs. This adds a center piece to your landscape that will last forever and will bring friends and families together for years to come. Interested? Contact us today!

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